Censor ...NEED HELP


import re
def censor(text, word):
string=re.sub(word, '*' * len(word), text)
return string

This code works but I copied it. Please can someone explain the standard way of doing it. Thank you.


So this is what I did:

def censor(text, word):
sentence = text.split()
length = len(word)
final_word = []
for each in sentence:
if each == word:
each = "*" * length
return " ".join(final_word)

Basically, I take the full sentence from 'text' and split it into individual words. I then compare each word in the sentence to the censored word. If they match, the letters are replaced with asterisks and added to a list. If they don't match, the word is just directly added to the list. Finally, the list is joined together into a single string.

This may not be the shortest way to do it but it was the way that made sense in my head.


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