Censor Dispenser Nudge(s)

I am working through the Censor Dispenser project, currently on the task for email_two. I feel I am in the ballpark but I can’t quite get there. My code is as follows:

proprietary_terms = ["she", "personality matrix", "sense of self", "self-preservation", "learning algorithm", "her", "herself"]

def censor_text2(text):
  for phrase in proprietary_terms:
    if phrase in text:
      new_text = text.replace(phrase, "******")
      return new_text

I included proprietary_terms.append(phrase.title()) to make sure it’s including capitalized proprietary words as well. When I run this, it is only replaces the first ‘she’ in the list (and appends a ‘She’ to the proprietary_terms). I know the return is causing the function to end, but shouldn’t it be performing this for each phrase in proprietary_terms? If I leave return out, I get an infinite loop.

My next instinct was to iterate over range(len(proprietary_terms), however it doesn’t like that because the list is comprised of strings, and not integers.

Can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction?

the type of the things you have does not affect how many of them you have

you it should be performing end-the-function for each of them? or something else? if so do the something else instead
if not one iteration and not infinite, then what? are you iterating a certain amount of times, or until something happens, or looking at each of something? how is that done? you probably wouldn’t do it any differently that you would do the same thing in any other situation