Censor Dispenser Challenge Project (Python)

here is the link to my code

But with all I’m seeing here, I still have a looooong way to go in my learning.
Thanks to codecademy.

That’s dope! I’ll save it for later to take a closer look at it.
I really like how the 100+ lines code became 10 :smiley:

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I didn’t do the one part of 5, where are supposed censored the words around the censored terms but everything else works perfectly. I also noticed that “distressed” is added twice to negative_words, So changed that to “distressing”.

Here is my attempt. I’m pretty sure I’ve met all the objectives.

There is some commentary and some functions were attempted twice.

This was my first Codeacademy project… Actually my first coding project of any kind. The functions are way too long and it took me waaayyyy too much time but you gotta start somewhere.