Censor - Can someone help me understand why my code is off?


def censor(text, word):
---nb = len(word)
---bla = text.split()
---for words in bla:
------if word == words:
--------words = "*" * nb
---text = " ".join(bla)
---print text


Try starting with a variable called index, like this:

index = text.index(word)

then 2 more variables, l and text, then your system should return text


Thank you for your answer. I am not sure though to understand your suggestion?
Why should I use the index function


well, your code is simply off. I shall give you a snippet, and you can probably go from there:

def censor(text,word):
   index = text.index(word)
   l = len(word)

try using that, then having a variable text that is str.replace(text, word, '*' * l), then return text.
If you are satisfied, mark this as the solution


I am trying to avoid using the replace function.
Could you please tell me what exactly is wrong in my code


well, your if statement is unnecessary, plus the variable nb and blah is false. the loop is also unnecessary, you are often overthinking the problem.

P.S. what is wrong with replace?


Not quite clear but thank you.
About replace, I figured I could do without.
Why can't I change the content of the "bla" list replacing word by **** the way I do it? Is it only working ith "replace"?


i'm not sure. I used replace because it was simple to me, but if you can find different ways to fix it that would be good. What is not clear to you? I gave you an idea, what is not clear about it?


Basically: why do I need to create a new list and fill in it ? Why can't I just modify the exisiting "bla" list replacing all the "word" by ***


Yes! Try that! Tell me what happens! There is always more than one way, and come back if you still need help.


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