CD to Initialize Repo is Not Working


I'm stuck on step 3 of the process. No matter how I phrase the name of the repo I recieve the same error message
"No such file or directory"

I am attempting to navigate to

I use the following command


I have tried adding/removing "remote" into the cd command, changing http to https, removing a "sbamberger127", and many other variations to no avail.

What am I missing?

*EDIT: I have gotten the remote add origin command to work but the exercise won't let me move beyond.


I'm also confused what we should put in cd. There are not clear instructions. Thanks!


I don't think they want us to cd to a website address here, but to the personal-website folder in the workspace. However this folder doesn't exsist.


I think you all should first create a new directory in terminal using mkdir command, and then select that directory.


I tried that, but then in step 4 nothing will get checked although I'm entering the correct commands.


I tried doing this but now have only compounded my issues. I cannot create the directory because it exists but can't navigate there because it doesn't exist.


Hey ... you need to create the directory again


@sunny442 Where to create the directory? Do I make it up? I also cannot reset the exercise to go back.


I have recreated the directory multiple times. It still does not let me continue forward with the exercise.


I think I figured it out. you have to put "git init" after you put "cd personal-website"


Using the "cd personal-website" command I then get the error "No such file or directory"


first create the folder using

mkdir personal-website


cd personal-weebsite/
git init


Instead of creating a new tab in the terminal like the directions say, use the tab that's already given. That solved my issue and got no errors. Hope this helps.


2017 and this still isn't fixed. anyone even taking this course?


That did the trick, been fighting with this one for an hour!:joy:


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