Cd not :(


Ex 3/7
I don’t know how cd works in this context. (Like I can use it for folders on my computer, but not this terminal.) There is also no explaination as it seems to be assumed knowledge. How do I navigate to the website in this context?

I got stuck at this point.


I am going to share a solution from a well explained post:

The problem is that the personal-website directory you created in the previous lesson doesn’t always carry over. So you need to reenter your earlier commands.

Try this.

First, refresh the screen to begin a new terminal session.

Input the “pwd” command to make sure you are in the daw directory. You should get the output: /home/ccuser/workspace/daw

Create a new directory by typing “jekyll new personal-website”. You should receive the output: New Jekyll site installed in /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/personal-website

Now enter “git init”. The second exercise box should be checked and you can now progress.

Note: If you let page idle for too long the pop up “Hey, are you still there. Get back to coding” will appear. This will trigger a new session in the terminal and may delete your personal-website directory. If this happens just reenter your commands and you will be able to progress.


Hi iḿ having the same problem but I got past the first part. But when I try to do git init it won recognize it


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