Cd ii

$ cd …/jan
bash: cd: …/jan: No such file or directory
$ pwd
$ cd jan
bash: cd: jan: No such file or directory
$ cd …
$ pwd
$ cd next-directory
bash: cd: next-directory: No such file or directory
is what i put for problem #2. I can’t seem to figure out what to put when it comes to combining directions. I feel inadequate when it comes to using …/… arguments. Can you please help me?

Did you see the commands that I wrote in your previous post? Did you try them (after clearing the screen to its default blank screen)?

Also, .. will do this: " The argument .. stands for the directory above the current working directory."

again, “pwd” and “ls” are good commands to use to see where you are and what’s contained in directories in a file system:

$ ls
2014  2015  hardware.txt
$ cd 2015
$ pwd
$ ls
feb  jan  motherboard.txt
$ cd feb
$ pwd
$ cd ../jan #this goes up one directory with `..` and `/jan` moves you to the adjacent dir. b/c jan & feb are on the same level
$ pwd
$ cd ../.. #moves up two directories
$ pwd

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