Cd.. doesn't work in this exercise


cd.. doesn't work in this should probably do the exercise before you go trying to tell people what to do in it.:wink:

Manipulation lesson. 5/10

How come it does not work when I for one passed the exercise using it? cd .. is used to return one directory above from your current one. You can also navigate to specific folder if know it exist.
Free tip: you can write cd and start writing a letter, then pressing TAB and your folder name will automatically get finished for you (if it exists, computer will try to "guess" the folder name).

// write this
cd dr
// press TAB
// it gets auto-finished to this
cd drama/


I have done the exercise, but not for a while, and although my solution may not work for this exercise it would normally work because you are going up one directory from what you're currently sat it.

Drama/historical ---> cd .. ---> Drama/


cd.. isn't a valid command.

The correct command is:

cd ..

... note the space.