Cd command


I don't understand how to use the 'cd' command to see my website


cd changes directory, it doesn't display websites, perhaps you're meant to use something else to do that. What are you trying to do?


this is what it says: To view your site locally, you must first navigate to your site's directory, using the cd command.

Navigate to your site's directory using the cd command.

I don't know what the cd command is, so I typed it into the bash thing and it said there was an error..

Please help


That doesn't say that cd would display it, it says you should use cd before displaying it.

If you get an error, then it is telling you that it was not able to do what you asked, and very likely it said why, so you would need to read that error, and compare that error message to what you did and what your situation was when you typed the command.

cd changes directory, that's what the cd command is. Maybe you tried to go to a path that does not exist, if that is the case then you would want to find out where you are and where you're going. If you were using a graphical file explorer, then you would click on one of the drawn folders, you would not try to click on empty space, so with cd you would cd to one of the existing locations, not to one that doesn't exist.

If you use the cd command and expect it to display a website, then yes, you'll be dissappointed, it simply does not do that. If you click a folder in a graphical file explorer, then that won't open up your browser and view a website.

You have to start by building an intention of what it is you want to do, then formulate the command to do it, then execute that command. If you can't motivate why the command would do what you want, then it probably also won't.


what is the cd command format


If I am right what you have to do is type: cd personal-website (exercise preview your site locally)


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