Cd command


What do you write down for the cd command?


You type
jekyll cd personal-website


Yeah I figured that out thanks though!


You are mixing Jekyll commands with file system commands. If you issue that command you will get an error:

fatal: 'jekyll cd' could not be found. You may
need to install the jekyll-cd gem or a relate
d gem to be able to use this subcommand.


That made no sense what so ever...


Are you talking about something that I said?


Yeah I couldn't understand it sorry I'm sort of a noob it made no sense to me...


There are file system command like cd and ls. There are also Jekyll commands like new and serve. For all Jekyll commands you must put the word jekyll before the command, like jekyll serve.

If the file system commands don't make any sense to you then it sounds like you haven't done the Learn the Command Line course yet.


The first "word" is what you are executing (what program) and all the rest are arguments.

So the first word is the program you want to use, and the rest is telling the program what to do.


Thanks Jonatan, I wasn't able to pull the right words together -- that sounds much better.


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