’s server IP address could not be found


I had this massage for 3 days with the web part that shows the code only not the site it self :’s server IP address could not be found.

and this is the link of the exercise:

I tried to reset all exercises but not solved the problem.

I need to solve my problem fast please,

Thanks in advanced.

Hey @zooom88

Did you try:

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Yes i did them all. and i did reset the exercises but not solved although.
here is the link:

hmmm, I can’t seem to replicate the issue…

Try reporting a bug, as I can’t see any obvious solution to this problem.

Can you click get solution and pass the exercise?

@zooom88, you might give this Troubleshooting Guide a glance, and make sure you are using a recommended device, browser, etc.

I reported this from 3 days ago and still no response!
And i tried to get solution and it works to passing the exercise, but as the same didn’t appears on the web side!

I saw this before and tried all steps also i changed the DNS config. and tried from another device, browser, even another account but also did not work!

Well, if you’ve tried using Chrome or Firefox, and everything is up to date, the next step would be to contact customer support. How do I contact Codecademy Customer Support?

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The problem is solved.
Thank you guys :slight_smile:


I have the same problem :frowning: how did you solve it?

Google Chrome is a free, open-source web browser and one of the most popular available. The browser is simple, easy to use, secure and fast. It is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android users. Google Chrome offers synchronization with other Google products and services, in-browser translation and spell check, tabbed browsing, etc. Chrome was developed to enable quick, easy, and safe Internet browsing.

Despite its advantages, Google Chrome users sometime encountered a problem while trying to access websites. An error message appears, stating that the “Server DNS address could not be found” . As the error states, there is a problem with the DNS (Domain Name System) address and it cannot be found by Chrome. A ‘domain name’ is a human readable address relating to a website. For example, “” is an example of a domain name. The site also has an IP (Internet Protocol) address that consists of a series of numbers - if you enter the number rather than the domain name, you will arrive at the same web page. Remembering numbers for many websites is, of course, problematic, and so domain names are used.

How did you solve a problem because I have the same problem?

how did you solve bro ?