Caught in Strings


There may be a simple solution to this, or maybe not, but I’m new to programming and I wasn’t able to find an answer via Google.

I’m currently going through the Ruby lessons, and when I go to create a string and I type the first quotation mark it automatically creates the second quotation mark and I am typing my string inside the quotations. The problem is once I’m done typing the string I am still inside the quotations and I can’t tab or enter to get out of it. I am forced to take my hands off of the keys and go to the arrow key and hit the right arrow to get out of it.

Please tell me there is some shortcut to get out of the quotation marks without having to take the slow process of using the right arrow keys.

thank you


Simple, just type another quote and it will overwrite the last one and put you past the string where you can enter or space.


Thank you very much! I knew there must be an easy explanation. As simple as that is, I wouldn’t have thought of it as I would have thought I would have two quotations at the end.