Cat volcanoes.txt | wc | cat > islands.txt

need help cant get past this level

Give us a screen shot of your whole web page so we can see where you are stuck.

me neither, when i type alt gr + w it does the pipe character, but it does not work in the terminal it just deletes what i previously wrote

If you are still stuck on this, could you have a look at this:

Nothing works.
I can write it (||||||)
But I can’t write it into the terminal


Did you try holding down the Alt key and typing 124?

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Hi, I got passed it, but I dont really understand the logic in the command. I start of piping the content in volcanoes.txt into a command called wc (supose it stands for words-characters?). After that I pipe it to cat. Wasnt cat the command used to print out the content inside a certain file ? I dont understand how i can pipe standard output into cat as a standard input being cat a command, not a file or directory. Can someone please help ? I want to understand the logic and procedure in the command chain. Thanksss !