[Career Talk] What languages should I learn?

Hi Milos!

We enjoyed looking at your first project! It reminds us of the bears page on our HTML / CSS course. I think a question would be what improvements or features would you like to add? A second would be always to ask what purpose your site serves (why does it exist?) then to keep iterating on it to get better at serving that purpose.

For what language to learn next, that question comes up a lot. We had that come up in our last AMA for a father wondering what to encourage his son to learn and someone asking what languages he should learn to get a job. We also cover this in our post for new users on what language to learn first. The short answer is that you should find what you like coding in (often by dabbling in multiple languages for a bit) and pursue that.

With regards needing a degree, this came up in another thread today where we had a few more contributions, so that would be worth looking through.