[Career Talk] Most relevant languages for me



Hi Guys,

I am starting an IT career a little later than the norm but I'm not too far behind. I am just finishing my first year in a part-time computer science degree and while I didn't set my introduction to programming module alight, I really enjoyed it. In my fourth year I will choose an area to specialize in and right now, it's between Software development and IoT. I've decided that I am going to study the h*ll out of coding this summer and have bought books on Java and C++. I've googled "most relevant programming languages" and I can't seem to find too many consistent answers. Can you help? Thanks in advance. I love the site btw. Used it loads last semester for Html and CSS. Got a great grade in web design!


[Career Talk] Ask your questions here!
[Career Talk] Ask your questions here!
[Career Talk] Ask your questions here!

Hey Pat! Just to clarify, are you asking about which languages are most relevant to Software Development and IoT, or something else?


Hi Daniel, yes the relevant languages.


…to Software Development and IoT? Or something else?

If you're talking about relevance to Software Development and IoT, could you also drill down a bit further and specify (if you can) what type of software or what type of IoT you'd be interested in pursuing? In software development, there's everything from apps to video games, it's a pretty broad term.