[Career Talk] Graphic Design to Web Design

If you keep pumping out great projects, it almost gets difficult to avoid getting a job offer someday.

  • Keep your LinkedIn up to date and fleshed out - recruiters often use this to find talent
  • Make your own personal / portfolio website for you to showcase all your work, including your graphic design as well as obviously your code work
  • This site should itself be some of your best work in design & code
  • Throw in a good about me section that includes some of the greatest hits from your résumé
  • Link to this site everywhere (as in on your LinkedIn, in your Twitter bio, etc.)
  • Keep putting content out on GitHub
  • See if at your current job you can get involved in some more digital or web projects - it can often be easier to start making this transition at a place where they already know and trust you and your work
  • Consider freelancing in order to build up a portfolio not just of what you can do but a background of how well you work with others on web projects

With regards pro bono work, I wouldn’t generally recommend it. It’s like, charge less maybe, but without the carrot/stick of cash, lots of those early projects fail and hurt the ability to grow. When I was starting out and charging $600 for a banner… it was peanuts, but it meant something to me, the semi-unemployed junior dev. So getting approvals for work was like the thing. It helped me learn to invoice, work with clients, the whole thing. All that ensured I stuck with it through hard problems.

You can / should also reach out to recruitment agencies / firms, go to meetups and conferences.

Check out this thread for some more info.