[Career Talk] Change management

Any consensus on the demand for change management professionals?

Hey Hawthorne, mind being a bit more specific?

Hey Hawthorne,

Great question. My name is Dan and I’m on the operations team here at Codecademy. My background was in project/change management, specifically in the consulting work and in investment banks.

There is a lot of demand for people with project management/change skills. These roles tend to exist at large companies (500/1000 people+) who have large systems to upgrade/install or undergo restructuring. When companies have big complex projects, they really need good management.

If you’re asking from the perspective of technology, then I would say that learning to code is a definite plus. You less have to understand how to code and more be able to speak the same language as a developer. This helps a lot in estimating how long something will take and, the key to project management, pushing back on estimates that seem off.

The way that I got into that field was through consulting firms, who are often brought into help these efforts. There is also a certification called PMP that I have, debatable if it matters at all, but it was informative. I wouldn’t pay for it yourself, but if a company will pay for it, then do it.

Let me know if I can answer anything else.