Career scopes in future

For Senior Coders,

Please do give info about, which will be the best & well-paid I.T. jobs in future.

So, which course should I prefer now as a beginner, & after that which should I do,

please mention that, which stream I should opt for as I’m a teen now & want to be an I.T. expert in Future as soon as possible.

Its impossible to predict, at the moment it would say its machine learning (python, R and matlab are most common language) and everything related to blockchain, which involves a lot of math and not sure on the languages.

However, i wouldn’t go into IT for the money, there are better ways to make more money faster

you can’t be an expert fast, gaining expertise is a particular time consuming process.

Some of the things you mention in the answer, suggest you might need to think long and hard about if you want to do IT.