Career Satisfaction and ease of access

Hey all,

Just started with Code Academy - I am currently working for an educational centre as the Head. I have decided to retrain in IT t see some sort of development when it comes to career prospects. Currently I work a lot for very little.

I was drawn to Data Science and felt it was an area where there was a skill shortage - that may have changed now. In addition, I have friends who suggest front end development, specifically focusing on areas such as React, as there will always be work there.

I suppose a question I wanted to ask was in relation to career satisfaction in the IT field, what IT careers have the most satisfied freelancers or employees?

In addition, what careers are more accessible to entry than others?

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Hey, beta

I feel you on retraining. I was a practicing Geologist a little over two years ago before pursuing a second bachelors in Information Science. As a currently employed applications developer I can tell you the bread is very satisfying. The stress can be overwhelming at times. I just try to make sure I keep a steady work / life balance.

One of the biggest challenges in this field is you’ll constantly feel like you’re behind. If you ever feel uncomfortable being out of your element, this is not the field for you. If the prospect of doing things daily that you have no experience with excites you, then you’ll enjoy it. The things that most forums and especially codecademy do not impress upon people who are just starting out is just how stressful this occupation can be.

Deployments can be very stressful and working as an engineer on 24/7 production support just plain sucks. I’m sure some companies are better than others, but if you’re working as an engineer, you will likely do regular on-call / production support rotations.

To get to the meat of your options between DS and Front end, those two things really require different ways of thinking in the respective disciplines. A highly successful freelance FE Engineer is likely going to have extensive knowledge in design theory in regards to UI/UX design, usability testing, color theory, Information Architecture (where to put things so people can find them easily)… the list goes on. Those skills are not really related to strong Comp Sci, Mathematics, or statistical prowess, which would make a good Data Scientist.

It sounds like you really just need to take stock of what it is that you’re interested in, and where you can excel. If you suck at math and have no comp sci background, breaking into DS is going to be a rough go… Not impossible, but it will require a lot of work, dedication, discipline (TOM BRADY), you get the idea.

Last point. Sure you can focus on React, but that doesn’t mean work will always be there. This stuff moves quick, and one day React will become the framework that nobody wants to use anymore… just like jQuery. The work that will always be there is what’s cutting edge. This field is iterative (constantly cycling improvements) and technologies move fast. If you’re constantly learning new technologies, then there will always be work for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond, and apologies for the delay in replying. Whilst Data Science is interesting, I would not state I am a phenomenal mathematician, but the area does interest me.
I was initially going to train in computer games design/3D animation back in 2007/8 but the lack of available positions made me question whether it was a sensible route, hence the transition into teaching.
I have not accessed programming/Web development for a good 15 years since starting on Code Academy, so all is fairly new. Data Science was an interesting area as I appreciate how much Data is used nowadays, and working out reason why sounds great. However, I would like to try and be retrained and start to transition before the end of the year. Stress does not bother me as I get plenty of that in my current occupation, but without any opportunities to progress and make a good salary. So money is a motivator with a family to support