Career Pathway, Training, Feedback and Progression Thread - ESA

Hi All,

Hope I’m putting this is in the right place. I’m going to be building a bit of a super thread to gather and consolidate data, thoughts, feedback etc to help bring into focus my career path direction. I’m hoping to increase success probability by asking for feedback and focusing on strengths, weaknesses, motivations, competency requirements of my targeted roles, goals and capability gaps. -phew-

It’s all starting to come into focus now. :slight_smile:

Dream Goal: The European Space Agency
Pathway I’ve chosen means I should be able to obtain something if the dream job falls through.

Entry Point: Trainee

Study Regime:
Technical University Vienna - MA Computer Science

Timeline: 3 years (MA starts September 2021 and lasts for 2 years, with Codecademy pathways supporting language route throughout)

Entry Competencies: [2 specific roles at ESA]
01 Eclipse Modelling Technologies (EMF, GMF, Sirius), Acceleo, QVTo and Xtext and Software Engineering
02 Full stack

Languages needed for role: Java / C / C++ / Python

Language pathway: HTML/CSS - Javascript - Node.JS/SQL/Express.JS/React/TDD - Java - C/C++ - Python [feedback on this specifically on this pathway would be great]

Networking: TBA (need to research where I can connect with people to get advice for obtaining this role)

OS: Linux, Windows

Advantages: Graphical modelling and simulation, design, information architecture background competencies and experience

Excitement Level: Upper atmospheric :grin:


OK moving things along now as I’m all done with Code Foundations, got a certificate and everything :wink:

Finally getting started on HMTL/CSS and have begun to narrow down which Masters’s degree specialization I will start in September. We’re down to these 3 :slight_smile:

Master programme Logic and Computation

Master programme Computer Engineering

Master programme Software Engineering & Internet Computing

Side note: German class A1.1 starts next week too - Ausgezeichnet!

Having done HTML/CSS at uni during my design degree - and them being markup languages - I think this will be fairly easy to refresh and update my HTML/CSS.

What I am worried about though is, should I be going straight to an object oriented language more related to the field I want to be in? or is HTML/CSS to Javascript a good place to start. :frowning:

I think I’m sure I need to get to Python as quickly as I possibly can, so I hope I’m on the right path to that. Once I start my MA I can continue to add languages I need like C# etc is the hope.