Career paths

If i choose a certain career path, for example data science, then i’ll have to learn both SQL and Python. My question is that the languages which i’m learning in the career path, are they complete or have some things been omitted just for that path? Will i learn the whole Python language in the path or should i learn it separately?

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Hello @rohan2119, welcome to the forums! As far as I know, the paths provide an introduction to the language, and then provide an extension, in the form of data science, so things like Pandas.

You will not learn the whole Python language, but you should learn the basics; enough to be able to do the language, and then the information about data science. Should you learn it separately? That’s up to you. If you feel you need to know data science, then I would recommend doing it first. If you just want to know Python and SQL, maybe do the individual courses.

Also, if once you’ve finished the career path, you can check over the curriculum for the Python course. If there is anything you can’t remember doing, then you can choose to do just that module, lesson, etc. (The same goes for the SQL course).

Another good way to consolidate/check/expand your knowledge is to read the docs or have a look at their website.
I hope this helps!


Thank you! It surely helps.

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