Career Paths Time Commitment (and First Post)

Hi All - Newbie here looking for a little information on the Full Stack career path. I noted it stated 6 months for the duration - I was wondering what kind of commitment this equates to? 1 hour per day 5 days/week for example?

As an aside - I’m excited to be here starting down this path - I’m a chartered Electrical Engineer working full time in the UK and I’ve wanted to get into coding properly for a while now - decided 2023 is the year to make the plunge as it were!

All the best,



6 months is an estimate. How long it takes each person is subjective. It depends on how much time one can devote to learning, but also and more importantly, how one learns and understands coding concepts and applies them. If you can carve out an hour a day to learning, then I think that’s a good start. Some days it will be more, some less. Just as long as you’re able to understand what you’re learning and building from there.

Happy coding!