Career Paths: layout suggestion

Hiya Fellow Coders

I have a small suggestion for the Codecademy designers to consider. In the Career Paths [or in any other course for that matter] the list of lessons is currently following the old-style forum-threads-like layout: top to the bottom list of topics with hidden subelements that reveal upon clicking. It is very easy to follow, and I quite like it, however, if you are on a longer path/course page, the list is getting quite extensive. For instance, on FED it’s 26 steps, and on Full-Stacj something around 40+. If you are to get back to some of the previous topics [to read through them, or redo them - which I tend to do to refresh my mind] you have to scroll through several lines, and it takes quite a long time to jump back to the area you are looking for.

My suggestion would be twofold: either implement some sort of navigation tool [search/scrolling list on side or on the bottom?] or allow the topics to hide/reveal upon user action in the same way that the subtopic contents are. Example: right now the FED topic ‘15. Web Apps’ is having three subelements: Intro, What is Web Apps? and Review. They are all having between one and three subelements to follow. My idea is that all three would be visible after clicking/revealing the topic content, and their own content would be available after yet another click.

I feel like it would simplify navigating through the content.

Anyway, I absolutely love the platform. It’s a real game-changer!


Agreed with this suggestion, especially the second one!

I really like this suggestion, especially a search bar, scrolling through all those topics are a pain.

I just suggested something similar to this, though I worded it less diplomatically. But yes, it would be great if something was done about the navigation.