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Hey, why can’t I access courses from career path even if I have subscribed to codecademy pro, (I currently live in India)

Have a look at
Are you subscribed to Pro or Pro Lite? The difference between the two is shown in the above link.

Hey @roh6174!

Codecademy has recently made some changes to geolocation that means users from some countries are not able to access some parts of the Codecademy platform.

Feel free to get around this by using a VPN, or contact customer support for more information.

Not able to access it even with a VPN. I’m also in India and bought the pro version.
I wouldn’t have bought their pro version if I knew they were limiting features based on which country I live in…

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We’re very limited in how we can help with billing issues on the forums unfortunately, you’ll have to contact customer support:

Hey so has there been a resolution to this issue? I very recently purchased the codeacademy pro sub and i realised now i cannot access career paths. I am also based in India.

You should contact support for clarification.

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Thank you. I’ve contacted support and this sisue has been resolved.

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Can you please elaborate on what solution was provided by codecademy. As I am facing the same issue and need to acess the career path.