Career Path Progress was scrambled and reset from 30% to 21%

Full-stack Engineer

All has been working well until today when I resumed my lessons and I realized that the was doing something that I had already done. Then I saw that the some of the lessons already finished were reset not completed or partially completed.

Refer to image below:

Your help is very much appreciated!

Regards, Eduardo

Hey @efgarro. There was recently an update to a lot of paths. Thats why your % went down.

How do I go about resetting it?

What do you mean? Reset all your progress in the whole course?

I mean that I had completed up to 30%, but some of the progress in lessons between 0 and 30% were reset to incomplete. Don’t I need to reach 100% to obtain the cert?

I don’t know what they changed exactly but they might have added new content in the first 30%.

And yes you do need to complete 100% to receive the certificate.

Do you have an email with the person I can take this issued with? I tried finding a support contact but no luck?


Well, they normally respond within 48 hours during business days. So if you filed a ticket today you just wait until Tuesday.

Ok Thnx, I will wait for a response!

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Here you can see the changes:

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You can re-enroll in the older course if you want:

Thanx for clarifying.

31 - 20% is a relatively small amount, don’t worry about it.

I was over 95% done this course and was reset to like 58%. And this is the SECOND TIME that I was reset to such a large degree!

Codecademy UI/UX people need to wake up!! Users may be banking on leveraging these certificates into jobs and have timelines to consider!! Very short-sighted approach by the team.

Oh and the best part is that the majority of the content they add are 3rd party articles that often don’t fit perfectly into the course content (a lot of redundant reading since each article has a different author and introductory paragraphs, for example–this amounts to a lot of wasted time over the long term). I bet for every 5 articles written by various 3rd party authors, Codecademy could write 1 succinct article to cover every topic thereof, while saving users a ton of frustration/time learning and improving UX.

Why make users go back and click through unnecessary review “articles” and “informationals”, which are a waste of time to begin with, on previously completed modules?? Not only did I have to spend time learning elsewhere in lieu of the incomplete lessons, but now I have to go back and click through all this fluff on content I learned already.

Here’s a revolutionary idea – don’t update previously completed modules with new “fluff” content. If all codecademy team added to a module was a stupid “recap” of what the user learned, maybe their dev time would been better spent elsewhere.

Between the bugs in lessons, incomplete and inefficiently aggregated content in favor writing their own original content, I am sad to say I am considering moving my learning to another platform.

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I feel your pain man!.., had I known this was going to happen, I would had chosen to complete the Front-end cert first, then the BackEnd cert second. I think I can still do it, but I dislike to ‘change course’ for the wrong reason.

On the positive side, the stuff that changed was mainly the article reading and not the projects (so far for me!)…but I agree with Ames that it is unjust on the part of Codecademy not to be empathetic with the persons that need these certs to apply for a job!


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Edit: seems like they do allow you the option to finish out the old course and ( I sincerely hope ) obtain the respective certificate.

However, it still very much feels like this is some beta program of a freemium-level service, despite the fact I’m paying for a pro membership.

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Hi Ames,

Which learning platform you are considering to change to? It seems like you had the experience on this platform for a long period.

I am just a new learner, still consider choosing which prestige site to study.

Thank you

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Dear Ruby -

Codecademy curriculum is pretty good but you would have to reinforce it with other courses. For instance, I am taking the CC Full-stack concurrently with freeCodeCamp Certifications. Each program have strong and weak points and I have found them both to complement each other well.

In the end - just like in any new skill - you have to go beyond the standard syllabus. Lots of reading on each subject, many hours on Youtube videos…and so on and so forth.

I hope this helps!

Good luck

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