Career path has changed, now I need some advice

I started the Web Developer career path in July of 2020 and I am about 90% through it. A few months ago, Codecademy replaced that path with one named ‘Web Development Full Stack Engineer’.
I am planning on completing my old Web Dev path ( I still have access to completing it ).
But, I am thinking of starting this ‘full stack’ path when I’m done with my current path. I have noticed that this new path is filled with many of the same course modules that I have already taken.
My question is this:
If I start this path, do I get credit for the modules I’ve already done, or will I have to do those modules over again?
How would this work?

Thanks for all of your help.

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All the lessons that you’ve previously taken will get marked as completed automatically, so you won’t have to repeat. A huge percentage of Full-Stack (and Front-End & Back-End) were marked as completed for me when I started them.

They made it painless and automatic.

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