Career path Front end web dev First steps

Hello world!.
How can I start this any other way ?
So ill introduce my self quickly , My name is Ricardo Serrano-(Richie) , age 24 , Born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico . Coming from nothing hoping to create something new , a piece of art not painted but coded .
Hobbies include : Poetry , Gaming , Sports , and now programing!
I feel at home here but still don’t know how to find my own room the home being programing and my room being the specific language I should study .
I’ve selected front end web dev so far but id like pointers regarding exactly what I need to land a job as fast as possible . I know there is not a short cut to becoming any kind of dev but I do know there’s main things I should really know in order to land my first gig while still learning , its a matter of trying to actually get real world work experience for best practice .
Currently working at a warehouse , 12 hour shifts during nights … not fun it also doesn’t lead anywhere i want to go in life .
Would love advice front any fellow front end web devs or full stack devs … well anyone really :smile: