Career Path: Data Scientist Analytics -Working with Python Lists: Medical Insurance Costs Project

Dear all,

Sharing my off platform project ‘Working with Python Lists: Medical Insurance Costs Project’ done as part as the Career Path: Data Scientist Analytics:

Click here to download the Jupyter Note book

Feedbacks welcome and conversation starters welcome !

Thanks a lot


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One suggestion: push the notebook to a GitHub repository rather than have people download a file. Most people do not want to download a .ipynb file (and they might not have the appropriate app to view it).

Hello there,

Thank you for sharing the source code.
All the codes fulfils the tasks completely.

Here is my source code for the assignment.

Appreciate any feedback.



many thanks for your feedback.

the Jupyter note book is in a GitHub repository :

[click on this link for the Github repository] (Python-projects/Working with Python Lists Medical Insurance Costs.ipynb at 03f1cb78ff3da9e89861699ecc0d23bb453699e6 · DelphCL/Python-projects · GitHub)

did you mean to present it in a Python format only ? not Jupyter notebook ?

thanks a lot


hi @josefroslan

thanks for sharing your project. Likewise, all your codes fulfil the tasks :slight_smile:

one suggestion may be: would it help the reading to add the questions as comments above each task ?

many thanks


I just meant that people don’t want to download a file-- whether it’s a notebook (.ipynb) or .py.

Good job.

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