Career path bioinformatics

Hi there! I’m a master’s degree student in biotech soon to graduate. The thesis I’ll be defending is a bioinformatic study of a type of leukemia, and I’ve been primarily working on R for the analyses.
Given that I’m willing to learn more on bioinformatics, I started learning Python here on codecademy, but I think it won’t surely be enough.

I saw that there are several Data science career paths (which in theory could also comprise bioinformatics) and I was wondering if you have any suggestion on the correct path to take between “Data science: analytic specialist” or “Data science: inference specialist”.

I wondered whether it could be better to take a “career path” to have a more organic way of learning instead of picking single subjects, thus single courses. I’m unsure about which one of them would be more specific in terms of skills applicable and useful for bioinformatics.

Thank you so much in advance for any answers to my question