Career Path Advice

If you enjoy computer science theory, data structures and algorithms, are pretty good at math, love to learn new things, what would be the best career path? I enjoy coding in python but also know javascript. Front end work really wasn’t for me. Any advice would be awesome.

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Best is subjective, there’s probably a couple of paths that could interest you… Have you looked into software engineering positions?

Look into job/internship listings for companies that look for these things and keep on the lookout for combos that interest you. For example, Mathworks often hires, and they do require their software engineer applicants to be moderately versed in maths.

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Hello everyone,
I am completely new to codecademy and forums here. I am a UX designer and I am trying to level up my skills with some Data Analysis course. My goals is to better understand Data analysis and move slowly to Machine learning, VR/AR. However, I am still not very sure about the path, is there any UX designer here following a similar path or something along those lines to help me with?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: