Career options

Are people able to receive certificates from codeacademy? Do they also find careers that fit their needs and others needs as well?


Nope Codecademy doesn’t give out certificates, Here’s your answer.

I’m positive that if you learn on Codecademy, according to what you learnt you will get a job, here you can have a look at the stories category where many people have posted their success story.

In spite of me not being able to get a certificate. It’s still a valid option to learn how to code because it is a valued skill. Are you a programmer yourself??
What is your success story??

Where are some website like codeacademy where k can get certificates to help give me an edge on the job market?

There are some great websites that offer (non-free) certificates. Examples are Udacity and Coursera

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Yes, I create websites and maintain websites for others.

Yes you will definitely learn a lot and come out of here with valued skills, with programming and coding there’s no stopping or end so you will need to go elsewhere and get more knowledge…

Going to go ahead and say that codecademy really only teaches the basics of a language, there’s a lot of things that it doesn’t teach you that would be very useful in the real world, so you have to keep researching what you want to learn.