Career in Blockchain Development

Hello all,

I recently started learning how to code. Prior to this, I was actually on a track to become a university professor of music, spending over 20 years in the field and earning my doctorate. Life circumstances changed my path.

I’m very fascinated with blockchain technology (DLT in general, TBH) and its various applications, including but not limited to cryptocurrency. I am interested in making a shift into the field of blockchain development.

So far, I’ve read or heard that it’s important to be well-versed in topics such as cryptography and back-end development as well as languages such as Python and Solidity. I know that Codecademy has an Intro to Blockchain course. I also know that blockchain development is a pretty broad career area and I might need to specialize or focus down further than I am currently.

Could anyone please give me a little advice on what they think would be an appropriate prioritization of skills to learn to gain competency in this area and eventually become hirable? I am down to work hard and get it done, but I would like to avoid wasting time and energy in peripheral pursuits.

Thank you all in advance for your time and advice!