Career Goal : Mobile app/Native mobile app developer team member

Hi, I’m a beginner level coder currently looking to gain highly relevant coding skills. I’ve set a goal for acquiring a job if the tech industry specifically focused on mobile app/native mobile app developer team member. I’m looking to experiment making apps for my phone and test them on my phone. What do i need to get started coding then testing my apps on my phone?(currently have iphone 7)

also what other programming languages other than HTML, CSS and JavaScript do i need to be familiar with to be a productive mobile app/native mobile app developer team member

if you want IOS development, you should learn swift and see what SDK (standard development kit) are available.

If you make IOS app in general, they should also work for ipad.

Thank you for the tip on IOS development

I’m currently looking to switch over to an Android phone because I’ve read in the Coding for Dummies book that on Apples App Store it takes a lot longer to get your mobile apps accepted than Google Play app store. I would like to be able to work with as little amount of barriers as possible. Its probably not a bad idea to understand Apple products and Android products seeing that both have users. I’ve read also that their are apps being created to write code and it creates code across many platforms. Using a “wrapper” like phoneGap sounds like something i will also have to be familiar with.

For future native mobile app developing, the Google Play Store has also lengthened the time and strictness of submitting new apps. The link is an article about Google changing its app rules for new submitted apps.

React Native may be a good solution for you if you want to develop for both with a minimum amount of hassle – that’s how we developed our mobile apps on Android and iOS.

You can take our JavaScript then our React courses to begin working in this direction, then you can pick up documentation on React Native after you have the foundation in React.

Thank you for the post on mobile app/native mobile app developing. I sincerely appreciate the information, and will definitely will check out React/React Native to expand my skills.

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