Career changer advice please

Are any career changers here? I graduated in philosophy and linguistics. When I started on Codecademy I had never coded before, but i read about the need of data analysts / data scientists on the jobmarket. As i like maths and i have strong analytic skills, i tried Codecademy to get an impression. Now Im almost done with „Analyze Data with Python“ and i had a first look at SQL. Im thinking about which step to take next, as i still realize that my skills are to few on the job market. Im 31 and trying to start a career that i can live on finally. Im thinking about a bootcamp also. Is or was anyone In a similar position?
Thanks for giving me advice.


I’m pretty much on the same position, though I’ve never had an strong math and analytic skill. Just started from a pretty basic point and achieved a 4 day in a row self challenge, what made me think on really putting some effort towards learning to code. An extra motivation comes from a personal project, gives health to the pursue itself.

The doubt strikes: how can I migrate to this career?


Hello, I am also on the track of changing my career to something more fulfilling and financially stable. I would say as a recommendation to sign-up for open-source projects, it will give you great exposure and experience, in addition to add some items to your portfolio. Network and if you don’t have Linkedin get on and look to join a few groups on there. The more you get yourself out there and network the greater chance you have to show off your skills. I’m new to the world of coding, however my experience falls in the realm of Professional/Leadership Development. I hope this helps and continue to move forward. In addition don’t forget your existing skills you bring to the table, see how your degree can be applied to your new career path, what edge do you have that others won’t have. How you may view problems is going to be different and an advantage. Having experience with linguistics can be viewed as having a advantage in communication within teams/collaboration. Don’t sell yourself short and always look at things thru a different lense! Good luck on your journey!


You could also think about taking a graduate job, the pay won’t be great at the start but could be a stepping stone to something much better as you’ll pick up a lot of skills and knowledge.

I used to work in retail for a while, but got a graduate role at software testing consultancy. My first client had me learning software automation skills, automating frontend web applications, creating automated performance tests plus loads of other skills. My client eventually bought me out and my pay shot up, but even if that didn’t happen, I learnt a lot working for this client that I could probably have applied to many other places.

A lot of people who also joined this testing consultancy didn’t have a technology background, some had maths, music, others had biochemistry etc. so the degree doesn’t necessarily matter as much and they usually come with other skills, like having a strong analytical mind.

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Hi. I think you can find here a lot of people who joined the team for changing careers. I graduated in management, but my main profession is a writer. My son graduated in linguistics, and his course paper was about the localization of computer games in different cultures. I found it very interesting and even began to play some games :grinning: Now I want to learn more about game dev, and my first step is to learn more about 3D-design. In this case, I’m glad that my family always supports me with all my crazy ideas. I think this is the most important detail here.
As for an advice, don’t give up and move on. Eventually you will succeed!