Career advice?

Hi everyone, not sure whether this is the correct place for this question. If not I apologize.

I’m currently unemployed and teaching myself the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript and I’m enjoying the process. I would like to make the move to a front-end developer job as soon as possible.

My current plan is to continue my online learning but also start attending a course with a company called general assembly which advertises to teach HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, GitHub, and Sublime in concert.

Throughout the course and my own learning I will hopefully learn enough to put together a decent portfolio displaying my skills. Is this enough to land an entry level job as a front-end developer? I don’t have relevant work experience in anything computer related and I have a poor math degree (2:2)

In my short experience as a front-end developer, what you have now is good enough to launch you into front-end development (you could add content development to that. :wink: )

Your grade (and degree) could be quite inconsequential in coding [Just saying]. Rather, practice and more practice will get you flying.

So, HTML5, CSS3 (bootstrap), JS (JQuery) and GitHub (for version control; especially for open source and working with teams) and Sublime text (editor for writing code), is a good way to start and land you an entry job as a (web) front-end developer.

My thoughts! :slight_smile: And I hope this helps! :wink:


Wow! Thanks for the confidence boost! However I think I’ll still do the course if only mostly for the contacts and face-to-face interaction with more experienced coders


Way to go! :smile: :wink: