Career Advice-Flexible job

Hey everyone!

I just started learning to code and I have been doing the Data Science/ Python Course. I am a creative and I have heard that learning to code could help me find a very flexible/work from home job that could help me pursue what I love. I also have a B.S Biology degree so several people have recommended learning python. I realize I probably will have to take other courses and work internships but I find myself a little overwhelmed. I was wondering if a job like this exists and if/so what my next steps would be to get there?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi, yes jobs like that do exist. I have been working from home since 2010. I would say a key to being successful is being well rounded. In learning Python it makes sense to learn some infrastructure. I would advice something like the CCNA devenet to go with it, which will give you an applicable technology to use Python with. Other good avenues that pay well include automation with tools like Teraform, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. Learning to code is a great start, I would also suggest learning some breath of the technology too.