Capstone - Species Analysis in National Parks

Feedback is appreciated. Attached is the google slides and Jupyter notebook shared as drive link.


Notebook -

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Thank you for posting your project! I think it’s helpful when ppl do this so you get feedback. The feedback loop is so important to the whole learning process. :slight_smile:

Some thoughts:

  • good inclusion of a description of the data in the two studies.
  • solid choice of basic slides–fonts and nice spacing between bullet points and the visualizations. You don’t want anything too busy b/c the audience won’t know where to focus.
  • I do think it would be helpful to include a slide at the beginning that has a bulleted list of the points you’re going to cover in your presentation. Your project is twofold: determining conservation status of species and the second data set is to determine a sample size to test to see if a current program is working to reduce foot & mouth disease in sheep in national parks.
  • I think you’re misunderstanding the p-values you found in the chi-square test of expected & observed frequencies for the 1st data set. If the value is <0.05 it is significant. So, go back over the value you found for reptiles & mammals on slide 4.
  • It might also be useful to include a “Recommendations/Summary” slide for both parts of the findings/observations so it feels more like you’re coming to some conclusions.

I hope this helps! :sheep:


Thank you so much for your suggestions.