Capstone Project - Personal Portfolio Website - Feedback request!

Just finished my portfolio website - ready to move onto the next set of modules!!

Would love feedback. I am sure that it’s still breakable, but I’ve done what I can with my limited knowledge to prevent it. Should be fully mobile responsive!

Thanks for the help!

Hi, there.

I see that your portfolio was heavily inspired by Ian Dunkerley’s. While there is nothing wrong with going to other websites for inspiration or even re-building others for practice, I recommend creating something of your own design when moving forward with a live portfolio. This will allow visitors to establish an understanding of your brand and style.

I also suggest applying semantic HTML to your work. Currently, you’re creating what is known as “div soup” by wrapping everything with <div>. This would mean using proper headings, paragraphs, unordered lists, etc. Semantic HTML provides an accessible experience and assists in SEO.


Hey @evanbaron does this only says Welcome?

I’ve seen people adding more to this. Like in your case it can say first Welcome then erase it and go on with something else short liner which can tell further more about you. I think moving parts in your website catches user’s eyes first then why stop on Welcome only try to add more to it. Wait I will try to find a good example for you which was using this same method.

Also I totally agree with @kirativewd here if someone can easily say that your site was inspired by someone just by watching the design and overall flow of the website then it’s not good. In my opinion taking inspiration from someone is good it’s wrong at all but try to give your own touch to it.

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It is my goal to create something more unique to ‘my brand’, however this was my first attempt at building a website. I am not super creative or design-focused, so all I could think of was really plain and boring design :frowning: when I was first drafting. I figured I could learn more by trying to recreate something else - and I think I did!

Now to figure out how to make it all semantically correct. The problem I run into - which Codecademy hasn’t really touched on at all is the use of containers and containers within containers - how would you semantically tag those out? I’m guessing section > section etc.?

Thank you for your feedback and for your help! I’ll look forward to updating this thread once I’ve created an even better website :smiley:


Waiting to see what else you create in future.

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There isn’t anything wrong, per se, with using <div> as a container. <div>s still have a place when it comes to CSS applications. However, this changes when you’re using <div> instead of <p>, <ul>, <header>, <footer>, or <h1> - <h6> tags.

This article, <article> vs. <section>: How To Choose The Right One, gives great insight into using <section> and <article>.

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I will likely go through the document this week and fix all the tags, break the site horrendously, and then hopefully unbreak it :rofl:


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hey @evanbaron check this is what I wanted to say above. link