Capstone Project: Netflix Data

Hi, I have completed the Netflix project. It was an interesting challenge. I learned a bunch about plotting(with seaborn and matplotlib). Links to google slides and github below. Any feedback is appreciated.

google drive:


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Just a thought:
Rather than making ppl request access to look at the presentation, it’d be better to just push the presentation to your GH repo as PDF (not PowerPoint b/c not everyone has that). OR, enable sharing on your Google Slides and push that to GH.

Thanks. Didn’t realize I hadn’t enabled the permissions. Should be fixed now.

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I don’t have the competence to assess your work in a meaningful way -At least for now- But I would have hoped that competent people would get involved and give their insights. It’s a good exercise to evaluate other’s people work but it seems not a lot of people take the time to advise others :cry:
In my opinion, your project looks good :+1:

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