Capstone Project: MuscleHub

Hey everyone,

Finished up my MuscleHub project here.

Any feedback or critique is welcome.

Hi, @net8129699581 Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I, too, did this Capstone for a Data Analysis Intensive a couple years ago. I thought it was pretty relatable & fun too. Okay, my thoughts…

  • I would suggest moving Slide 2, “Summary” to the end where your findings and conclusions are. I would also make each sentence a bullet point so each one stands out.

  • I like how you wove in quotes from the qualitative survey Q’s to support your analysis into your presentation! Cool!

  • On Slide 4: rather than have a paragraph, you could make who is in Group A and Group B as bullet points so they stand out b/c you are doing an A/B test on who purchases a gym membership.

  • Every slide that you have paragraphs, maybe think about making each a bullet point so as to make your finding(s) more impactful. (ex: slide 11)

  • On slides 7 & 11 you mention the use of a chi-square test. If you’re presenting this info to say, executives, they might not be that tech savvy or know about statistical significance testing. This is where ‘knowing your audience’ comes in when doing a presentation. You can always go into further detail about statistical tests and why you used a chi square test (b/c it’s categorical data) in an Appendix. Just a thought.

  • Slides 18, 19, I’d break out those paras into shorter bullet points. You can always elaborate in your speaker notes.

Words that ring in my mind are what a mentor told me about presentation slides: “Less is more.” I tend to have cluttered slides. b/c I want to explain everything (haha).

Good work! I like the color palette and the simplicity of the slides as well.