Capstone Project: MuscleHub - Feedback is very welcome

Hi guys,
Please find below my project on MuscleHub: slides and github link.
Your feedback will be very appreciated!
Thank you in advance.



Hi Elena!
I also did this project (albeit a few years ago). :slight_smile: I remember liking it b/c I could relate to the subject matter as I once belonged to a gym. I no longer do & won’t ever. Haha. But, I digress…

Anyway. The slide deck. I know that in order to complete this capstone, there are certain requirements to be met. From what I can tell, you answered the specifics in detail.

I have a few thoughts…1.) On p. 3, I don’t think you need to describe the structure of the 4 different tables (you can use an Appendix for that). 2.) on pp 5-6, there’s a lot of info there to digest. I think it would be good to break out the 3 tests onto separate pages so it’s clearer. Maybe add each table and its corresponding bar graph on separate pages along with 1-2 bullet points about the findings. 3.) On p. 8, I really like that you included a table of the qualitative findings! On that slide I would just have the table and the sentence, “From the interviews it can be concluded…” You can add the other findings from the qualitative data in your appendix. Last slide, I like that you have concise recommendations using bullet points.
Again, good work!