Capstone Project: MuscleHub A/B Test

Hello Codecademy Family! Once again, I come before you seeking your time and feedback. I just completed the Capstone Project: MuscleHub A/B Test. Please share your thoughts on my efforts with me.

MuscleHub A/B Test Presentation

My MuscleHub A-B Test Project Jupyter Notebook

Thanks for your time and feedback.

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Hey Jaacker!
I think it looks very pretty and you can see a lot of effort has been put into creating a presentation. What did you use to make this presentation, if I may ask?
It looks good and is easy to understand! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking time to review my effort and for giving feedback.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create the presentation. I used a premium template that I got with my Microsoft 365 subscription. I saved the presentation to PDF because as I was advised not everybody has access to PowerPoint.

Thanks for the encouragement.

It’s looking great! Actually, seeing your presentation changed my vision. I always thought we had to include some code or how we got there. But your slides are perfectly understandable without it and it makes it look neater. Thanks!

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I’m glad to be of help. That’s what the forums are for, “Each One, Teach One!”

You’ve made your presentation very cool looking and the theme finishes it off nicely. Nice work!

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Thank you. I try to get the best, most complementary setting for the presentation that I can.