Capstone Project: MucleHub A/B Test

Here is a link to a presentation of my findings from the MuscleHub A/B test data:

My graphs did not turn out very good when I put them on a dark background in the presentation, is there a simple way to remove the white background in the graphs when I am creating them? Or even to change the font colour to white so that it would match my presentation?

I realise the simple solution is to present them on a white background but for future reference being able to make these changes will probably be helpful, thanks for looking!

I think you can change the font family, fontsize and font color by adding the parameters. I don’t know how to change the background of the plots. Your (easiest) best bet would to not have a black background for a presentation.



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You can change the background color in matplotlib:
ax = plt.axes()


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Thanks for the help, this is great!

Sure! No problem.
Let me know if it actually works.