Capstone project: GDP and LEABY

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Title: Is GDP the only thing that determines life expectancy?

Typically, countries with higher levels of economic development have a higher Life Expectancy at Birth in Years (LEABY), but GDP overall is not the most accurate predictor of LEABY, compared e.g. with GDP per capita. Moreover, high economic growth may decrease life expectancy because of higher pollution etc. And, it does not always take significant GDP growth to reach higher LEABY, especially in less developed countries.

These conclusions were made after analysing GDP and LEABY data for Chile, China, Germany, Mexico, the US, and Zimbabwe, between 2000-2015. Key findings are as follows:

  • Although Zimbabwe demonstrated significant improvement in LEABY between 2005 and 2015, it is still relatively far below LEABY of China, Chile and Mexico, as well as of developed economies such as Germany and the US.

  • China showed a tremendous increase in GDP during this period, however, its LEABY in 2015 was below German`s LEABY in 2000.

  • LEABY in Chile, hows GDP in 2015 was equal to a small fraction of Chinas GDP, was close to LEABY and Germany and the US.

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