Capstone Project: Colmar Academy

Hi everyone,

I just finished the Colmar Academy project and would appreciate some feedback! I recognize that people have larger viewports than myself, but I have left the media queries adjusted to my laptop screen–1024px. Larger viewports would have media queries adjusting text sizes to be larger to fill out the spacing, so I apologize if it looks a bit spaced out, or small, if you’re not changing the width! I started styling with browser sizing at first, but then switched over to mobile-friendly sizing. I found that working smaller to larger was easier.

I would love to learn about cleaning-up or simplifying my code–(or knowing if it’s a person-to-person kind of preference thing) If there are any questions about specific decisions that were made, please ask!

Here is the live page: Colmcar Academy | Home
Here’s the repository: GitHub - TantariWD/Colmar-Academy

Thank you!