Capstone Project: Biodiversity in National Parks(Analyze Data with Python)

I think answer of the last question for getting number of ‘Sheep in Yellowstone National Park to observe enough sheep’ should be (610 / 507) not (810 / 507).
Because in calculator we have to set baseline conversion rate as 10% and minimum detectable rate as 50%. Is there anyone who can help me to find the answer?

@asiadecoder I worked this out the same way as you, assuming 10% Baseline for Yellowstone and Min Detectable Rate = 0.5/0.10 = 50%.

At first their solution seemed to assume the same baseline for both parks, but then their sample size for Yellowstone comes out to 810?? No idea where that came from.

Anyone else able to figure this out?

@asiadecoder @core2012954082 I also used the assumption of 10% baseline and MDR of 50%

I do not understand at all where the 810 sample size comes from! One thing I wasn’t sure about with the calculator is whether the output is number of samples in each variation or the total needed. This would obviously have implications for how long the test would need to run before having robust data.

Any ideas?