Capstone Project - Biodiversity - Analyze Data with Python

Requesting feedback on the completed project

One thing, the html file isn’t the Jupyter Notebook file (.ipynb). So, you might want to remove that and then…

In order to upload the notebook to GH:

  1. In the notebook, click on File >>>Download as>>>ipynb
  2. Go to your GH repo and “Add new file”>>“Create new file”"
  3. Find your notebook, locally and the upload it to the repo.
  4. Commit (save) the changes

Scroll towards the bottom of this page:

Thanks - updated with Jupyter Notebook file.

Congrats on completing the project!

Seems like you have a solid understanding of how to do EDA and some basic chi square tests with the data sets.

One other thing, rather than have people download a .pptx presentation, you could do it (or convert it to) in Google Slides, save the file as a PDF and then upload it to the repo. That way people don’t have to download anything to view the presentation.

Happy coding!