Capstone: Netflix Stock 2017

Hi! Please checkout my first project here.
Skill Course: Visualize Data with Python

Link to PDF Presentation

Link to iPython File

I would like to hear your insights.

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Great! you did great things. :+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Step 3
Can you please explain me what you mean by : Earliest date: 0 in your output ? what was your idea when doing this.

Step 7:
I disagree the way you respond to this question “what percentage of the revenue constitutes earnings?”

In your response, I understand that the earnings are higher than revenue which is not correct regarding your chart.

Percent should look like this percent of earings = (earnings/revenue)*100 for each quarter

Step 8:

  • You did great work, Why did you use “fill_between” ? Where do you find the error ?

  • X-axis can be more readable as has more meaningful name like “Jan”, “Feb”,… by using “set_xticklabels”