Capstone: Data Science - CoolTShirts Marketing

Here is my best attempt. Any feedback will be much appreciated!

The code is on github.

And the presentation.


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Nice work!

I felt the presentation was too technical, dense to look at, and sometimes slow. Sometimes that’s ok, but I personally like to account for a target audience that won’t have too much patience to look at it (like a manager not too versed in sql or data). If you think about it, if you’re the one having to show the data it will often be showing it to someone much less familiar with it (and you can’t assume full statistics traning on their par).

This is again subjective but something I would think about for in each slide

  • is the most important point the most visible, and is it the first thing that draws the viewer’s attention?

  • less is more, don’t feel the need to fill the space on every page (I’d make a separate presentation if I wanted to include sql, but I wouldn’t normally show it on
    my principal one).

  • some visual layout techniques can help attract the eye to the points you want to make (colors, arrows), but also consider using graphs where relevant.

  • min/max is one metric on 3.2 you point out that google is in the hundreds while medium is in the 600s. But the more relevant data from that is that all the other sources are 500-600s. So you really need to say one thing: the google source vastly underperformed by x%

Those are just some ideas but there are probably more little details here and there. It’s all subjective of course!

I always think of just a few parameters: clear, concise, and elegant. (assuming of course, accuracy and thoughtful conclusions!)


Excellent points, I did not think about the audience when making this presentation. I will make that my focus for the next one.

Also, showing the percent differences between two values when highlighting their importance is a great statistic to show.

Thanks for all the advice!

Any time, thanks for sharing!