Capstone Colmar Academy

A project to practice using HTML and CSS. It’s only for illustration, so it doesn’t require any scripts. Requesting feedback.
Web page.
GitHub repository.

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Hey, really liked your take on the Colmar Academy project! Here’s my feedback…

Things I loved

  • The interactivity of the “Get Started” button
  • Responsive design is really well done and doesn’t break anywhere I could see
  • The hover effect on the nav links
  • Layout overall looked very clean and well spaced - pleasing to the eye

My suggestions

  • A pop of colour to attract user’s attention
  • Hover-over effect on the “item” class in your “featured” section to make it a little more interactive
  • Centred layout for the “start learning” section in mobile view, when you get to 650px it’s left aligned

I’d appreciate it if you could give feedback on mine too…
Colmar Academy Site: Colmar Academy
Git repo: GitHub - nataliejade9/colmar

Thanks! N